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Pre-Sales Assistance and

by the commercial and technical department of Pactur

Assistenza Pre-Vendita

Pre-Sales Assistance and Test Room provide for a first phase of registration of the new customer and the booking of a complete and exhaustive session of Technical and Commercial consultancy, focusing well on the product to be packaged and on the required production speed. The product can be shipped to the Company and here it is processed by the technicians who prepare one or more simulations (Test Room) with the most suitable machines for the purpose. The Pre-Sales contact can be resolved entirely via video-call in order to avoid or minimize travel before the decision to buy. It is possible, as a preparatory phase for the Pre-Sales Assistance and Test Room, also to fill in our questionnaire for orientation to the choice which provides preliminary data to our technicians and to the sales office even if it will be the direct telephone or video-call interview. to dispel any doubt. Once the customer’s material arrives in the company, a demonstration video is made of the result that can be obtained on the product and this video is then sent to the customer privately.

We also apply the same principles in the After-Sales Technical Assistance for the entire life of the machine. We then provide spare parts that allow for subsequent maintenance and assistance. No car will ever run out of spare parts … no matter how old it is.

Machines are being studied that can be monitored via the internet and therefore followed in all their functions both by dedicated Apps that notify the owner of a production block, and remotely by Pactur technicians who can make the software changes necessary to eliminate the problems themselves. .


Furthermore, another great advantage of buying a packaging machine from Pactur is to have all the technical staff available for possible customizations based on the type of products you need to pack. the following video shows how a 65 LINE can become a maxi format (140 LINE) for a customer who has to pack non-standard O-Rings for huge excavators. We are an artisan company and therefore each machine is not produced on the assembly line, so it is more easily customizable.

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