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Mod. KLOK 35

New KLOK 35 fits on a table!

The Shrink chamber machines KLOK 35 Table Top bell-shaped heat shrink packaging machine offers a compact and highly functional solution for packaging objects in small productions. Thanks to its intelligent design and limited footprint, this machine is perfectly suited to work environments where space is precious and production needs are smaller.

One of its distinctive features is the robust structure, made with the use of high thickness sheet metal and with carpentry work carried out internally by Pactur, a guarantee of quality and resistance over time. This ensures that the machine is able to meet the daily challenges of production without compromising performance.

Powder coating, with its textured effect, not only provides a pleasant aesthetic finish, but also protects the machine from wear and corrosion, prolonging its life over time and maintaining an impeccable appearance even after prolonged use.

Another significant advantage is its ease of use: the shrink chamber machines KLOK 35 Table Top, simply rest on a table, eliminating the need for complex installations or dedicated spaces. This feature makes it particularly suitable for small businesses or work environments where space is limited.

Finally, the unmistakable Italian design gives a touch of style and elegance to the machine, highlighting the attention to detail and quality craftsmanship that have become synonymous with Made in Italy.

In summary, the shrink chamber machines KLOK 35 Table Top (economical chamber packaging machines) represent an excellent option for those looking for a compact, durable and efficient solution for packaging small production runs, with the added benefit of a distinctive and eye-catching Italian design.

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