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The importance of constant maintaining

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Pactur strongly recommends constant sealing blade maintenance: if the sealing parts of your packaging machine are kept in excellent condition, this goes to the full advantage of the quality of the sealing and the performance of the machine.
In fact, if the cutting blade is clean, intact, free of encrusted film residues, without dents or distortions, which alter its linearity, the welding is certainly excellent sealing, with an aesthetically thin line, but very resistant and the times of welding are reduced to the bare minimum.
The same can be said for the welding contrast, composed of rubber and adhesive Teflon: the newer these materials are, with no grooves due to wear, the more effective their beating function against the sealing blade is, to the benefit of both the quality of the cutting and welding, as well as welding times.
Whether you have a manual, semi-automatic or automatic model, the maintenance principle of the sealing block is the same and the resulting advantages are the same.
We are at your disposal to identify the details suitable for your packaging machine.

If you answer this communication, with a request for spare parts, you will get a 5% discount.

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You just have to tell us the serial number of your machine and, if you can, send us some pictures of the welder and the contrast, so that we can examine their condition.
We will identify with you the parts, which need to be replaced for the correct sealing blade maintenance.
Constant and careful maintenance of the welder will pay off with excellent performance of your packaging machine.


Blade and welder maintenance












Blade and welder maintenance












Blade and welder maintenance

















Blade and welder maintenance

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