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New KLOK 35 Table Top Shrink chamber machines: fits on a table!

The economical Shrink chamber machine KLOK 35 Table Top bell-shaped heat shrink wrapping machine offers a compact and highly functional solution for packaging objects in small production runs. Thanks to its intelligent design and limited dimensions, this machine is ideally suited to work environments where space is at a premium and production needs are low.

One of its distinctive characteristics is the robust structure, made with the use of high-thickness sheets and with carpentry work carried out in-house by Pactur, a guarantee of quality and resistance over time. This ensures that the machine is capable of meeting daily production challenges without compromising performance.

The powder coating, with its textured effect, not only provides a pleasant aesthetic finish, but also protects the machine from wear and corrosion, extending its life over time and maintaining an impeccable appearance even after prolonged use .

Another significant advantage is its ease of use: the Shrink chamber machine Table Top KLOK 35 simply sits on a table, eliminating the need for complex installations or dedicated spaces. This feature makes it particularly suitable for small businesses or work environments where space is limited.

Finally, the unmistakable Italian design gives a touch of style and elegance to the machine, highlighting the attention to detail and artisanal quality that has become synonymous with Made in Italy.

In summary, the economical Shrink chamber machine KLOK 35 tabletop shrink wrapping machine represents an excellent option for those looking for a compact, durable and efficient solution for packaging small production runs, with the added benefit of a distinctive and eye-catching Italian design .

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Who is Pactur
Paola Dozza

PACTUR, a leading player in the packaging industry, is embarking on a strategic expansion into new markets, with a keen emphasis on South Africa (Pactur expands to South Africa). This ambitious initiative is marked by a collaborative partnership with Megapack Engineering, a move aimed at capitalizing on synergies and enhancing market penetration.

Megapack Engineering will play a pivotal role in this expansion, taking charge of sales and support operations in Johannesburg. The company will serve as the local arm for PACTUR, ensuring seamless distribution and efficient after-sales services for its state-of-the-art shrink wrapping machines. Johannesburg, a key economic hub, provides a strategic base for reaching diverse industries and clientele.

This collaboration signifies a commitment to offering cutting-edge packaging solutions to South African businesses. PACTUR’s advanced technology, coupled with Megapack Engineering’s local expertise, aims to address the unique needs of the market. The partnership extends beyond product distribution; it emphasizes building lasting relationships by providing reliable and prompt support services.

The decision to expand into South Africa reflects PACTUR’s recognition of the region’s growth potential and the demand for innovative packaging solutions. As the African market continues to evolve, PACTUR is positioning itself to meet the rising requirements of various industries, from manufacturing to retail.

In addition to the economic advantages, the collaboration with Megapack Engineering aligns with PACTUR’s commitment to sustainable business practices. Both companies share a dedication to environmental responsibility, ensuring that their packaging solutions are not only technologically advanced but also eco-friendly.

As PACTUR takes this significant step into the South African market, it underscores the company’s vision for global expansion and leadership in the packaging industry. The partnership with Megapack Engineering exemplifies a strategic approach to navigating new territories, combining international expertise with local insights for a mutually beneficial venture. Through this expansion, PACTUR aims to not only reach new customers but also contribute to the development and growth of the South African packaging landscape.

Pactur expands to South Africa.


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Packing long tubes with protective film (as with our Auto 30/L tube packaging machine) is an essential process to ensure that these fragile and sensitive objects are transported safely without suffering damage during transport. Packaging film is a versatile and highly effective tool that offers protection from impacts, scratches and external contamination. In this context, long tube film packaging plays a crucial role in the supply chain and logistics.

Before starting the packing process, it is important to consider several aspects, such as the material of the tubes, their length and sensitivity to damage. Long tubes can be made of various materials, including plastic, metal or cardboard, and the choice of packaging film must adapt to the specific protection needs of each type of tube.

Packaging film can be of different types, such as shrink film, stretch film or adhesive film. The selection of film type depends on the specific characteristics of the tubes and packaging needs. For example, shrink film can be useful for creating a soft and versatile bag, depending on the size of the product.

The packing process begins by preparing the tubes to be wrapped in protective film. Pipes must be clean and dry to avoid damage caused by contaminants. Next, they are laid out on a suitable work surface so that they can be easily wrapped in foil.

Once the tubes are ready, the film is carefully and safely applied. This can be done manually or with the help of specialized machinery, depending on the size and quantity of tubes to be packaged. During this process, it is important to ensure that the film is stretched evenly to ensure effective protection along the entire length of the pipe.

The film not only protects pipes from physical damage, but can also act as a barrier against moisture and dust, preventing corrosion or contamination. Additionally, it can improve visibility of tube contents, making identification easier during handling and distribution.

Another important consideration is labeling. Each hose should be clearly labeled with crucial information such as material type, length, weight and other pertinent information. This helps simplify the logistics management process and ensures more efficient and accurate movement of tubes at various points in the supply chain.

In conclusion, packing long tubes with protective film thanks to the Auto 30/L for tube packaging is a fundamental step to ensure that these objects reach their destination in optimal conditions. Correct film selection and attention to detail during the packaging process are essential to ensure effective protection and efficient logistics management.


Automatic shrink wrapping machines Auto 40 and 60 Unica


Paola Dozza - Pactur srl
Paola Dozza

The 45/N manual packaging machine has recently undergone a notable update, embracing innovation through the integration of advanced electronic management thanks to the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and the adoption of an intuitive touch screen interface. This technological advancement has radically improved the efficiency and precision of packaging operations.

Among its distinctive features, manual corner packaging machines offer surprising cost-effectiveness without compromising the quality of performance. Equipped with a tunnel and a manual sealing arm, these machines stand out for their ability to manage the heat shrinking process in an efficient and practical way. The reopening of the welding arm is managed by a magnet, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

The heart of this system is represented by a single Teflon mesh conveyor belt, designed for the automatic transport of products into the heat shrink tunnel immediately after the sealing phase. This intelligent, automated solution minimizes downtime between different stages of the packaging process, ensuring smooth operational continuity.

The movement of the belt can be managed from the touch screen, available with a forward-forward cycle (entry of the product into the tunnel and exit from the opposite side of the entrance, after retraction) and with a forward-reverse cycle (return of the product to the operator, after retraction in the tunnel). The cycle can be selected from the touch screen.

Electronic management via PLC provides precise and flexible control of packaging operations. Thanks to this system, it is possible to optimize the settings based on the specific packaging needs of the product, ensuring greater adaptability and customization. Additionally, the touch screen interface offers an intuitive user experience, making it easy to program and monitor packaging operations.

This technological evolution not only improves the efficiency of manual packaging machines, but also helps reduce waste, optimizing the use of resources and improving the overall precision of the packaging process. Partial process automation allows operators to focus on quality control and supervision activities, further improving the overall effectiveness of the production chain.

In conclusion, the 45/N manual packaging machine with its recent technological evolution represents a significant step towards more efficient, flexible and precise packaging. This combination of advanced features, reliable electronic management and intuitive user interface positions it as an ideal solution for the packaging needs of various industrial sectors, offering an excellent mix of performance and economic convenience.

45/N manual packaging machine with PLC and touch screen.











NEW 45/N manual packaging machine with PLC and touch screen.

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Paola Dozza

Here is a solution, which combines the performances of an automatic L-sealer, equipped with a monolithic sealing knife and with many devices for high productivity and the performances of a separate, therefore longer and more powerful shrink tunnel.
The result is a packaging line, which meets the requirements of high productivity, fine esthetical shrinkage and  limited budget. A compromise, which satisfies everybody! (AUTO 60 UNICA with SEPARATE SHRINK TUNNEL).

The synergy between an automatic angular packaging machine equipped with a monolithic sealing blade and a separate shrinkage tunnel, longer and more powerful than the compact version, constitutes an innovative solution to optimize the industrial packaging process.

The automatic corner packer represents the heart of this solution, offering high performance and superior production efficiency thanks to its ability to pack quickly and precisely. Equipped with a monolithic sealing blade and advanced features, it ensures reliable sealing and an aesthetic presentation of the packaged products. Its integration with a separate, longer and more powerful shrinkage tunnel is a key element to further improve the aesthetic quality of thermoplastic film shrinkage.

This shrinking tunnel, with its length and power characteristics greater than compact ones, allows for more uniform film shrinkage and high aesthetic quality. This results in a more appealing visual appearance for packaged products, ensuring an impression of professionalism and attention to detail.

This intelligent combination of automatic corner packaging machine and separate shrink tunnel offers numerous advantages. The separation of functions allows greater flexibility in adapting the packaging process to different product types and package sizes, without compromising shrinkage quality or packaging speed.

Furthermore, this hybrid solution allows you to maintain a low economic investment, allowing companies to access superior performance without having to make an excessive outlay.

The compromise between production efficiency, aesthetic quality of shrinkage and investment containment is the strong point of this packaging line. It offers the ability to meet high production demands while maintaining superior product presentation while ensuring more sustainable cost management.

In conclusion, this combination of machinery represents an optimal balance between production performance, aesthetic packaging quality and reasonable investment, offering a complete solution that meets the needs of a wide range of industrial sectors.


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Paola Dozza - Pactur srl
Paola Dozza

Like Pactur’s high range models, nowadays also KLOK 550 is equipped with an HMI and a PLC. This is a demonstration of Pactur’s  focus on high technology at affordable prices.

This innovation, more than being a sign of advanced technology, grants two important advantages:

– high reliability of the PLC

– easy use of the HMI, which the 3D pictures make really user friendly.

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KLOK550 touch control


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Who is Pactur
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Pactur’s shrink tunnels are designed so as not to lose the heated air into the atmosphere, thanks to a system of turbines developed by us to create an internal recirculation of the air and, at the same time, to blow air all over the product.

Temperature control is made through a PID system (proportional-derivative-integrative), which activates solid-state relays. The PID controller is a control algorithm with a predefined structure, which is tuned (calibrated) by choosing the value of some parameters. Correction factors are calculated by comparing the output value with the set value and applying gains that minimize overshoot and oscillation, while implementing the change as quickly as possible. PID control on a shrink tunnel heating system grants a constant and continuous variation of the output within a feedback mechanism of the control loop, in order to verify the process and ensure the absence of oscillations and, therefore, maximum saving.


Thanks to its engineering, Pactur has developed this system of turbines to create an internal circulation of the air and, at the same time, to blow homogeneously air all around the product. Beyond the shrinking performances, we wanted to grant considerable energy savings, thanks to the continuous reuse of the air already present in the circuit without constant aspirations from outside. This reduces hot air leaks into the surrounding environment, it improves operators’ working conditions and it creates better energy sustainability.
 Pactur’s shrink tunnels – Side view
Pactur’s shrink tunnels – Side view
 Pactur’s shrink tunnels – Side view
Pactur’s shrink tunnels – Side view



Who is Pactur
Paola Dozza

Wholly automatic machines for packing fruit and vegetables.

AUTO 40/L automatic continuous sealer fruit and vegetable packaging machines dedicated to the specific packaging of dates.

Dates are a type of staple food for people in Middle Eastern countries. Some consider it a sacred fruit and it is almost always served to guests as part of each house’s hospitality path. Spanish missionaries brought the tree to the New World in the 18th and early 19th centuries. Date palms are grown in the Canary Islands, North Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan, India, Mexico and the US state of California.

Dates can be eaten fresh as they are picked from palm trees, or they can be dried and stored for years.

And now some photos and a video of wholly automatic machines for packing fruit and vegetables. Good vision!

Wholly automatic machines for packing fruit and vegetablesWholly automatic machines for packing fruit and vegetablesWholly automatic machines for packing fruit and vegetables


Who is Pactur
Paola Dozza

The Shrink tunnels produced by Pactur are available in different sizes (TL/30, TL/70 and TL/80); the choice depends on the size of the products, which must be shrink wrapped.

Within the range of shrink tunnels, there are three available versions for each model:

– teflon mesh conveyor belt

– conveyor made of silicon coated metal bars;

– metal mesh conveyor belt.

These different versions allow the shrink tunnel to fit various product and various kinds of film.

The advantages of heat-shrink packaging do not end with aesthetics: the main features of the transparent, shrink film are high mechanical strength, good transparency and affordable costs.

For example, for light and irregularly shaped products, teflon mesh belt is suitable. On the other hand, if the result of the the finished, packed product must be aesthetically remarkable, with a perfect shrinkage also on the bottom of the product, the most convenient solution is the tunnel with silicon coated bar belt.

On the other hand, when the used film is polyethylene, when  products are heavy and packaging has only a protection purposes, the suitable technical answer is the metal mesh belt version.

The shrink film reacts to high temperature, which reduces about 50% of its initial size, by getting tight to the wrapped product. After cooling, the film retains its new shape.

This process allows the packaging of single, as well as multiple products. Products are sealed in plastic film (neutral or printed) bags, which, after shrinkage, adhere to the product, thus following its shape . Thermo-shrinking is particularly suitable both for food items and for other kinds of products (graphical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical products, etc.), it allows a complete closure of the plastic film, guaranteeing protection from external agents and unwanted openings of the packages.

A limitation of the shrink wrap is that, once opened, the bag is no longer resealable and reusable, because the film is broken. This limit becomes an advantage if we read it as a guarantee of the inviolability of the product: intact film = inviolate product.

The shrink tunnels are entirely produced by Pactur.

Heat-shrinking tunnels

Pactur heat-shrinking tunnels are very powerful, which grants high shrink quality and capacity.

This quality result is achievable thanks to the powerful ventilation, which spreads the hot air all over the product surface very homogeneously.

These heat-shrinking tunnels are produced both with independent control and with control from the automatic packaging machine PLS.

In the case of independent control, they are obviously equipped with a control panel for the adjustment of the three main functions: temperature, conveyor speed and ventilation speed. Whereas, in case of control from the machine, its functions are adjustable from the machine touch screen, where they can also be memorized.

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