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How to Pack Portable Fridges with a Bundler

Packing portable coolers can be a complex task, but, with the use of an A802 UP PACTUR sleeve wrapping machine, the process becomes simple and efficient. Pactur demonstrates this with its heat-shrink packaging machines, designed to guarantee maximum protection and stability during the transport and storage of products.

An A802 UP PACTUR sleeve wrapping machine uses heat shrink film to securely wrap products, creating secure, compact packaging. Here’s how the process works:

Positioning: The portable fridge is positioned on the packaging line.
Wrapping: The machine wraps the fridge with a heat shrink film.
Sealing: The ends of the film are welded together, forming a tight wrap around the fridge.
Heat shrinkage: The wrapped package passes through a heat tunnel, which shrinks the film, adhering perfectly to the fridge.
This process offers several advantages:

Protection: The shrink film protects the fridge from dust, moisture and damage during transport.
Stability: Tight packaging prevents movement within the package, reducing the risk of damage.
Efficiency: The A802 UP PACTUR sleeve wrapping machine are fast and easy to use, increasing productivity.
Our shrink wrappers are ideal for companies looking for reliable, high-quality packaging solutions for their products. We offer a range of models suitable for different production needs, all designed to ensure excellent and long-lasting performance.

This is the A802 UP model, equipped with two conveyor belts and traditional positioning of the reels: one at the bottom, with motorized unwinding and one at the top, with descent by gravity.

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