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Paola Dozza

Global value chains are at a critical juncture, sandwiched between growing international demand following the post-pandemic economic recovery, on the one hand, and a combination of supply shortages and transport bottlenecks, on the one hand. other. These two factors that are causing increases in the prices of raw materials, unimaginable until a few months ago. In this regard, we would like to bring you some data and some reflections, which we have, in turn, collected from popular sites.


What are the causes of increases in the prices of raw materials?

aumenti dei prezzi delle materie prime

According to authoritative experts in the field, the cause is the strong imbalance between supply and demand; this gap is constantly growing, which cannot be bridged. The most recent estimates have marked an increase in the prices of some materials in the order of 200% only in the last year and thanks to the collapse in prices that had characterized the first months of the Covid-19 pandemic, made the increase so substantial . A striking example, which closely involves our production, is made up of steel, which went from $ 380 per ton in June 2020 to $ 1,100 per ton in September 2021: a dizzying increase that reaches almost 300%. As for oil, the cost of which had collapsed in 2020 (-68%) and has since then risen sharply (+ 203%), it is possible that its price could settle at 60-75 dollars a barrel. However, all materials have had a similar story, but the negative primacy of the increases goes to copper, iron, steel, corn, coffee, wheat and soy, timber, semiconductors, plastics, cardboard for packaging, rare earths, lithium. To translate the situation into numbers, the purchase of raw materials accounts for 46.6% of the turnover of manufacturing companies and 33.1% for construction companies. To these dynamics was added towards the end of last summer (but in a process that had already been developing for some months) also a surge in energy prices, consequent to an increase in demand for hydrocarbons (natural gas in particular ) and, also in this case, the lack of supply. In fact, natural gas went from $ 1.22 per MMBtu (British Thermal Unit, a unit of measurement that is used to quantify natural gas and whose unit corresponds to approximately 28 m3) in May 2020 to $ 25.81 in September 2021. Certainly these two peaks cannot be considered as immovable reference values ​​given the frequency of price changes, but the difference gives an idea of ​​what is happening in the global energy market. The transition will lead to an increase in the costs of fossil energy sources and these are the first consequences. Within the EU, the increase in prices is also partly linked to the implementation of some of the EU’s climate policies. The increase in the cost of energy is compounded by the increases in gas and diesel, thus compromising the expected post-pandemic recovery. Meanwhile, the governments of many countries will have to manage rising inflation. Indeed, the US Fed and the ECB in Europe are already taking steps to prevent uncontrolled increases in inflation. The strong push on costs, unsustainable in some sectors, is reducing company margins and causing a rise in producer prices which in November 2021, net of energy, rose by 8.9%, a rate of change never recorded since 2001.

As we said in the beginning, we transmit this information to you for disclosure purposes, as we have received and collected it. In turn, we suffer from this situation, which inevitably affects our prices. Nonetheless, we have kept our increases as low as possible and have absorbed these general increases in a very high percentage.




Paola Dozza - Pactur srl
Paola Dozza

Customize: extra-large products

For us, the special is routine


Another great advantage of buying a packaging machine from Pactur is to have all the technical staff available for possible customizations based on the type of products you need to pack and also Extra-large products.

We are basically an artisan company and each machine is made as if it were a single piece, from the welding of the metal structure (see published article) to the assembly of the individual mechanical and electronic elements. It is therefore almost “routine” for us to create special packaging machines or to enlarge the scale of our machines to produce extra-large formats.

The following video shows how a 65 LINE can become a maxi format (140 LINE) for a customer who has to pack non-standard size O-Rings for huge excavators.


Extra-large products


see also


Paola Dozza - Pactur srl
Paola Dozza


Pactur, an Italian workshop producing packaging machines for shrink film, has the honor of defining itself as an authentic Italian manufacturer, which manufactures its machinery entirely, from the welding of the sheets to the final assembly.

We have dedicated an entire page of our site to illustrate who Pactur is.

This allows the management, care and control of the entire production process, alongside the mastery of one’s own product, which allows flexibility in adaptations, in response to specific customer requests.

In addition to the quality of the execution, the integral manufacturing of the machinery also guarantees the correct choice of construction materials. From a “walk” in our carpentry, it is immediately clear that there was no saving on the thickness of the sheets: absolutely considerable thickness steel is used, to ensure solidity and absence of vibrations during the many years of work, which await our machines packaging machines.

The welds are all done by hand, as well as the assembly of the parts is manual. Pactur thus seeks to harmonize the dictates of product industrialization, with the craftsmanship of unique pieces, made to last over time. A true Italian workshop of artisanal character for the shrink wrapping machine.

Officina Italiana - carpenteria metallica



Paola Dozza - Pactur srl
Paola Dozza

The most suitable packaging machines

There are different types of shrink wrappers and cellophane wrapping machines that differ in technology, production capacity, more or less specific needs. For example, there are packaging machines for trays – widely used in an absolutely efficient way for perishable products – there are automatic, manual, vertical and horizontal packaging machines, based on the orientation required for the packaging. The importance of a packaging machine should not be underestimated, even if the product in question is not perishable or fragile, but it must still arrive at its destination unaltered.

Furthermore, the packaging machines are distinguished from each other by the hourly production capacity. This parameter allows you to choose the model that best suits your needs while maintaining the price / performance ratio that is always efficient and favorable for the company. In fact, it is our pride to advise in the best possible way based on real needs. For us, a customer who is satisfied with the quality (and costs) is a customer with whom a continuous and lasting relationship is established with benefits on both sides.

Packaging machines: types and sectors of use

As we said before, packaging machines are necessary and indispensable tools nowadays, as they give the possibility to package the product in a safe and effective way.

The packaging machines are used in many sectors, therefore it is necessary to choose the packaging machine that best suits your needs.

Protect the product with packaging

Packaging is an element that is born with the precise purpose: to protect the product.

In fact, packaging is a barrier for various factors, such as atmospheric agents, transport, time and much more.

Based on this functionality, there are different machines capable of making a different product depending on the chosen application.

When choosing a cellophane wrapping machine, various important aspects must be considered in addition to cost, for example: the space available, the speed and the material used for packaging.

On the market we find different packaging machines based on the type of packaging and often also divided into different areas, in general you can find:

Machines for packaging in bags: it is available in model variants and the machine required for the packaging of heat-sealed bags on 4 or 3 sides (heat sealers).
Cellophane wrapping machines for stick packaging: this cellophane machine offers single-dose stick products.
Complete lines for packaging: All the machines can be designed to be integrated in a different way according to the counting, boxed and or carton groups.
Vertical packaging machines for the pharmaceutical sector: machines capable of making pharmaceutical packaging according to the diversity of the product to be packaged.

Attention to the sector

To understand exactly the importance of cellophane wrapping machines, it is necessary to shift attention towards large-scale distribution as often one of the biggest problems encountered concerns the organization.

Putting aside the size of the work environment, the choice of the packaging machine must be made through a certain criterion: THE SECTOR.

The first factor to consider is precisely this sector, as the processing area is the fundamental information for which the machine will perform its work: the food and pharmaceutical sectors are different from each other, right?

Some sectors, especially when it comes to such different areas as pharmaceuticals and food, must respond to different regulations and hygiene standards.

The areas in which they are used

Packaging is very important, as we have previously said because it acts as a barrier for the product it contains.

For this reason, the cellophane wrapping or filmmaking machines have the purpose of creating a specific packaging for each type of sector, among which we can find:

for the packaging of food products: salt, oil, baby food, pet food and much more.
in the beverage sector: drinks, coffee, water, soft drinks and so on.
filmmaking machines for personal care and home care products: wipes, detergents, detergents and so on.
Vertical cellophane wrapping machines for the pharmaceutical sector: they collect everything related to the world of medicine, therefore blisters, single-dose stick formats and so on.
Packaging machines for shrink film
The packaging process is necessary to maintain, store, transport and sell any type of product.

Having the opportunity to create packaging suitable for your type of product is essential as it means offering your customers an impeccable product and packaging in total safety by communicating all useful information for sale and consumption.

Automatic shrink wrapping machines are machines that use shrink-wrapped materials that shrink with heat.

There are several main classes of cellophane wrapping or filmmaking machines, the main differences of which are the type and thickness of the materials used:

Shrinkwrappers: normally used for polyethylene films (filming machines), for example for heat-shrink films to be applied on water bottles. The package thus obtained is called “bundle” and has two open sides, in order to facilitate the grip of the product; the bundle can also be fitted with adhesive handles, glued automatically when exiting the cabinet.
Bell-shaped shrink wrapping machines: normally used for PVC and polypropylene films.
Angular or linear shrink tunnel packaging machines.
(Pactur produces almost exclusively Shrink Wrapping and Shrink Wrapping or Wrapping Machines)

Here is a quick rundown of our shrink wrapping machines, 100% made in Italy. Also Pactur, a small company “with an artisan heart, but with an industrial vocation”, makes its modest contribution, so that the flag of Italian manufacturing flies proudly around the world.

Shrink Packaging Machines


First of all, they are economical bell-shaped packaging machines for shrink film, very performing, since they are equipped with powerful heating resistors, so that the shrink is rapid. It belongs to a category of aesthetically beautiful and economical packaging machines that can be the ideal solution for small productions.


Shrink Packaging Machines


Subsequently a range of manual angular shrink wrapping machines, moreover complete with shrink or shrink tunnel included. Overall this range is available in three models, 45, 65 and 80; in this way the packaging needs of various products are satisfied, albeit with machines that are easy to use and, moreover, with a low price. The mod. 45 also belongs to the Economic Packaging Machines such as the KLOK550.

Shrink Packaging Machines


Furthermore, the wide range of semi-automatic angular packaging machines, as they are equipped with one or two conveyor belts and a manual or semi-automatic welding arm, therefore the range of models available is really wide. As a result, nearly every packaging need is answered here. Overall, this shrink wrapping machine range includes about fifteen models.


Shrink Packaging Machines


Regarding the Auto Unica compact angular automatic angular packaging machines, some special versions have been created, based on customized customer requests, so that these simple, compact and high-performance shrink wrapping machines could meet even very specific needs. In this way, for example, the versions with stainless steel structure were born, so that they were perfectly compatible with the most demanding food environments.


cellofanatrice in acciaio inox


First of all, the compact angular automatic heat-shrink packaging machines, that is, with shrink or heat-shrink tunnel included in the same structure of the machine. Consequently, the overall dimensions are considerably contained; despite this, the performance is still considerable, especially thanks to the height adjustments of the welder, which therefore make welding very quick and thanks to the power of the tunnel, which allows excellent retraction, although its structure is decidedly reduced.


impacchettatrici per film termoretraibile


As an alternative to the compact automatic angular packaging machines, a range of automatic shrink film machines with separate shrink tunnel, rather than joined to the machine structure, in order to increase shrink performance. Therefore, the automatic angular packaging machine is connected to a longer, therefore more powerful, shrink tunnel.


impacchettatrici per film termoretraibile


In addition to the angular models, a range of automatic packaging machines for continuous sealer shrink film, consequently suitable for the packaging of both short and long products. Therefore a very flexible range, which responds to various needs. Furthermore, depending on the width of the product, it is possible to choose the most suitable model.


cellofanatrici per film termoretraibile



And even more options within the range segment of automatic continuous sealer packaging machines; in fact, for larger products, two models of continuous welding machines are available, particularly wide, therefore suitable for the packaging of medium – large size products. Moreover, the same continuous packaging machines offer the possibility of using both thick and resistant films, as well as bright and thinner films.


confezionatrice termoretraibile automatica


Otherwise, for those with very high productivity needs, a packaging machine not only with a continuous side sealer, but also with a translating transverse sealing bar, in order to speed up the sealing process. In conclusion, the most performing model of the range of automatic continuous welding machines


Shrink Packaging Machines


Finally, in addition to the range of full-closure shrink film packaging machines, there is a different segment of the range, namely shrinkwrappers. In addition, Pactur shrinkwrappers have a peculiar feature, namely both film reels placed in a low position, so that the operator can change the film easily and safely. In conclusion, a semiautomatic or automatic shrinkwrapper machine, which has its own specific distinctive character.


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